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What's New in Clippings 6

  • Clippings has been rewritten as a WebExtension. It is compatible with Firefox 57 (Firefox Quantum) and newer
  • The limitation on creating and pasting clippings in web pages with HTML frames has been eliminated with this release
  • Improved clippings and folder search in Clippings Manager

Other Improvements

Version 6.0.4

  • Added support for Greek, Polish and Spanish
  • Bug fix: In Clippings Manager, export confirmation dialog doesn't show the correct file name of the export file, if it was changed from the default name (issue #186)
  • Bug fix: In the keyboard paste dialog, scrolling through the autocomplete menu with arrow keys doesn't work (issue #181)
  • Other minor fixes

Version 6.0.3

  • Brought back the shortcut key list in Clippings Manager and the keyboard paste dialog
  • The Placeholder Toolbar in Clippings Manager has also returned
  • Added support for German
  • Fixed a potential security vulnerability affecting Clippings Manager and the placeholder prompt dialog
  • Other minor fixes


  • Bug fix: Export files (Clippings 6 and HTML Document formats) are blank for some users (issue #152)
  • Fixes for a few Clippings Manager bugs that were affecting Linux users

Version 6.0.2

  • Placeholder prompts are back! Custom and auto-incrementing placeholders are supported. If you paste a clipping containing placeholders, you will be prompted to fill in their values (or select from a list if there are multiple default values). Auto-incrementing placeholders can be reset by right-clicking on the Clippings button on the browser toolbar
  • Clipping labels have also returned. They can be set when creating a clipping from the New Clipping dialog, and changed in Clippings Manager
  • Added ability to backup and restore your clippings from Clippings Manager (click on the Tools menu)
  • Resizable tree list in Clippings Manager
  • You can now undo edits to clipping/folder name and clipping content in Clippings Manager
  • Added ability to maximize the Clippings Manager window by selecting Tools → Maximize or pressing CTRL+F10 (macOS users: this feature is already available by selecting the Window → Zoom command from the menu bar at the top of the screen. This feature may not work on Linux.)
  • Bug fix: On Linux, the Clippings Manager window is always on top. This issue is fixed by automatically minimizing Clippings Manager when switching to another window. This can be turned on or off by selecting Tools → Minimize When Inactive (issue #162)
  • Other minor fixes


  • Bug fix: Clippings Manager ignores CTRL+A/Cmd+A (issue #155)
  • Bug fix: In Clippings Manager, don't accept non-URLs when saving changes to source web page address (issue #107)
  • Show detailed error message when an error occurs while exporting to Clippings 6 or HTML


  • Bug fix: Creating a new clipping from the New Clipping dialog doesn't work when added to a new folder created from the same dialog (issue #148)
  • Bug fix: In Clippings Manager, copying a folder doesn't copy its clippings and subfolders (issue #145)
  • Improved the error messages that appear when Firefox privacy settings are too restrictive, preventing Clippings from working correctly
  • The "Check spelling" setting in extension preferences is now enabled (it was previously disabled and there was no way to change it). Turning off this setting will turn off spell checking of clipping contents in Clippings Manager and the New Clipping dialog

Version 6.0.1

  • The Welcome to Clippings page will now detect if the Clippings database is inaccessible (due to Private Browsing mode turned on in Firefox, or the database is not set up correctly), and will display a message with instructions on how to fix it
  • The New Clipping dialog and Clippings Manager page will now detect if Private Browsing mode is turned on; and if so, display a message saying that Clippings won't work in Private Browsing mode
  • Bug fix: Pressing the Delete key in Clippings Manager deletes the clipping/folder instead of deleting a character in the name or content textbox (issue #127)
  • Bug fix: Can't dismiss folder picker popup in New Clipping dialog (issue #135)

Things You Should Know About

Clippings 6 is a WebExtension for Firefox 57 and newer. It is not compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird users should install Clippings 5.5.2, available from the Past Versions page.

  • Due to WebExtensions being restricted from using any keyboard shortcuts that start with CTRL + ALT, the keyboard paste key has changed - it is now ALT+SHIFT+Y (Command+Shift+Y on macOS).
  • Clippings won't work in Private Browsing mode, or if the browser privacy settings are too restrictive. Your clippings will not be accessible, and new clippings cannot be created.
  • Clippings Manager can import the legacy Clippings RDF/XML datasource file format (*.rdf files) as well as the new Clippings 6 format; however, it can only export to Clippings 6 format. To exchange clippings from Clippings 6 with other users, they need to have Clippings 5.5 or newer installed.
  • List of known issues and their solutions.

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