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Color labels

  • Make your important clippings stand out with color labels

Search for clippings by name

  • New name search mode lets you quickly locate a clipping that you want to paste by typing its name and selecting it from an autocomplete menu
  • To activate it, press CTRL+ALT+V (or Command+Option+V on Mac OS X). Switch between shortcut key and name search modes by pressing the TAB key

Save the source web page address

  • Save the source URL (web address) of a clipping. Available for Firefox only
  • In the New Clipping dialog, click Options and select the checkbox option "Save the address of the source web page"

A new look for Clippings

  • A fresh new look for the Clippings toolbar button in Firefox and Thunderbird, the Clippings context menu and Clippings Manager
  • Visual enhancements to the Clippings context menu on Linux

Other features and improvements

  • Placeholders with default values. Example: $[placeholderName{defaultValue}]. When pasting a clipping with such a placeholder, the dialog prompt will supply a default value which you can accept or change
  • Placeholders with multiple selectable values. Example: $[placeholderName{value1|value2|value3|...}]. When pasting a clipping with such a placeholder, the dialog prompt will display a drop-down menu where you can select from the available values
  • New Placeholder Toolbar in Clippings Manager, for novice users discovering the convenience of placeholders. Turn it on by clicking Tools → Placeholder Bar in Clippings Manager
  • You can now insert a clipping directly from the shortcut key help window, if accessed from the shortcut key prompt
  • Improvements to Clippings Manager to maximize the area in the window for editing your clippings. The details pane (with the shortcut key, label and source web page address of a clipping) is hidden by default; to display it, select Tools → Show/Hide → Details Pane
  • Version 5.0.1 Bug fix: In Clippings Manager, cannot move folder by drag and drop (issue #55)
  • Version 5.0.1 Bug fix: The General tab panel of the extension preferences dialog is blank; this was occurring for the Finnish locale only (issue #60)
  • Version 5.0.2 Bug fix: Label text for the Source Web Page Addresses groupbox in the Data Source panel of the extension preferences dialog was always in English on other locales
  • Version 5.1 Compatible with multi-process browser tabs in Firefox (sometimes referred to as Electrolysis or e10s)
  • Version 5.1.1 Bug fix: Pasting clipping into Gmail message editor doesn't work on Clippings 5.1 (issue #71)
  • Version 5.1.2 A message box now appears when attempting to create or paste a clipping from a web page that is inside an HTML frame, with workaround instructions
  • Version 5.1.2 Bug fix: New From Selection doesn't work on (issue #77)
  • Version 5.1.2 Bug fix: On Mac OS X, extension preferences dialog needs more padding at bottom edge (issue #75)

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